Show Participants

Vehicles can be entered into the show portion of our event. Vehicle entry fee is $20 at the door. (Spectating and individuals are free.) Paying show participants will receive:

Kenny’s Glamour Shot (Vehicle Photograph)

motorcycle profile Our event photographer will take green-screen picture of your vehicle. You’ll get this great photo which is great for Facebook, sharing online, getting a print, or getting a custom shirt made.

Original Photo: Background Removed:
You add a background… Many to choose from!

My first car was a 1968 Chevy El Camino. Wish I had a nice picture to remember it by!

Cars and Coffee Window Decal

cars and coffee sticker clear
Design subject to change.
You will receive a Cars and Coffee transparent window decal to showcase your automotive (and coffee) love.


gearheadhub vehiclebuzz example Spectators send messages about things they like about your ride. After the event, we forward them all to you. It’s a fun way to hear what people think about your ride!

Plus, the vehicle with the most messages wins our Most Talked About Vehicle award.

Raffle Entry

The owner of the vehicle will be entered into our raffle to win free stuff.

Parking and Show Entry

Your vehicle will be granted access to our main event area.