Major Award Winners

Actual Shirt GearheadHub Winner Your Car
Design subject to change.
Award winners receive a customized t-shirt with their vehicle printed seam-to-seam across the front.

Major Awards

Most Talked About Vehicle

VehicleBuzz allows spectators to send messages about things they like about each vehicle. The winner is the vehicle with the most messages.

Most Powerful Vehicle

The vehicle with the most horsepower tested at our event, wins this award.

Most Powerful Club

If two or more clubs register for the event, those clubs go head-to-head for their area’s “Most Powerful Club” award. The winner is the club with the most horsepower tested at our event. All participating club vehicles will be printed on the award shirt.

Other Awards

Other awards will be awarded at each event. These awards include Best in Show in various classes (trucks, classics, bike, etc) based on vehicle participation.