Show Activities

Event Activities

Spectators and individuals are always free to attend our events.

Want to be a show participant? Find out how to enter your vehicle in our show (and get some cool stuff).

Horsepower Show

Experience the raw power of vehicles going full throttle right in front of you. Feel the roar and excitement of discovering how much horsepower a vehicle can throw to the wheels!

Car Truck Motorcycle 4-Wheeler (you get the idea) Show

Come out and enjoy unique vehicles of all types: cars, trucks, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, lifted, chopped, custom, classic, exotic, and more.


Show some automotive love by sending messages to owners about things you like about their ride. In fact, the vehicle with the most messages will be awarded the Most Talked About Vehicle award.

Slot Car Racing

Challenge your friends to see who has the skills to call themselves the leader of the pack. This family friendly activity is a great way to test your automotive know-how. Are you a solo racer? Not a problem, race against three drone racers.

Cars and Coffee

It wouldn’t be a Cars and Coffee event without some coffee. Grab a cup of Joe or blended iced coffee. Get a bite to eat, sit down, and chat someone up about your favorite ride.