Our events are motorcycle and automotive club driven. Learn how your club can participate.

Does your club have what it takes to receive the area’s “Most Powerful Club” award?

Most Powerful Club Award

At our shows we test horsepower on a dyno. To receive the “Most Powerful Club” award, have your club members test their horsepower at one of our events. We add each tested club member’s horsepower together and the award is given to the club with the most horsepower. The club must have two tested vehicles and two clubs must participate. Tip: more members, more horsepower. May the best club win.

Additional Perks

Club Promotion

Any member that gets their horsepower tested, we announce and promote your club. This lets other enthusiasts in the area know who you are and what your club represents.

Club Ride-In

Let us know your club is coming and we will organize a ride-in using roads with area’s best known drives.

Before and After Dyno Reservation

We post show hours for the public to attend. You can exclusively reserve the dyno for your club before and after those hours.

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